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Booth Vacuuming

• Our Basic Price includes vacuuming (Minimum of 100 sq. ft.) and emptying of wastebaskets in your exhibit area.
• Choose the basic cleaning service you prefer. (First day = $0.30/sq. ft.; Entire show = $0.80/sq. ft.


• Shampooing to be performed before initial opening of show.

Would you like Shampooing? ($0.35/sq. ft.)

Tile Mopping

Would you like Tile Mopping? ($0.35/sq. ft.)

If yes, how many days?

Exhibit Cleaning

• Special booth cleaning other than during show hours, @ $25.00 per hour. (1 Hour Minimum, per day)

Please Provide instructions.

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Porter Service

(Does not include Carpet Vacuuming)

*Note: Rates are determined by the total square footage of your booth regardless of area to be cleaned. Prices are based on single level booths. If vacuuming or porter service is required on the upper level of the booth, the square footage must be added.

Porter Service Rates

Booth Size(sq. ft.)

0-500            One Day: $50.00   Duration of Show: $150.00
501-1500      One Day: $60.00   Duration of Show: $180.00
1501-2500    One Day: $70.00   Duration of Show: $210.00
2501-3500    One Day: $80.00   Duration of Show: $240.00
3501 and Larger: Please add the totals from above to reach your square footage and your price.

For Example: If your Booth is 9000 sq. ft., you would add 3500 + 3500 + 2000 = 9000. The total price for one day cleaing would be: $80.00 + $80.00 + $70.00 = $210.00 becasuse cleaning 3500 sq. ft. is $80.00 and 2000 sq. ft. is $70.00.

How many days would you like the porter service?

Will you need multiple levels cleaned?

If yes, please enter your booths second level size:
Length: Width: = Total:

If your booth size was over 3500 sq. ft., please put the total amount here: $

• Periodic Porter Service (empty wastebaskets and check floor area at two hour intervals during show hours)

Special Cleaning Requests.

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•If you submit the form, your credit card will be charged based on the options you have selected. If you submit an incomplete form, your cleaning service will not be processed and your booth will not be cleaned.
•To eliminate any misunderstanding regarding your invoice please bring any complaint to our immediate attention. Adjustments cannot be made unless deficiencies are reported one hour before show opening following the night the service was to have been performed.
•General vacuuming of the show floor aisles is provided. However, cleaning of your exhibit area is not included in your exhibit space rental.