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Services We Offer

We are the experts in Trade Show cleaning from beginning to end for a pristine show opening and a worry free post clean up.


Pre – During – Post: Trash Removal
     • Pre – Removal of all trash before show opening
     • During - Monitoring of all trash in the aisles & Aisle cans
     • Post Trash – Removal of all trash & tape after show closing

Aisle Carpet Vacuuming/Shampooing
     • The evening before the show opens

Mopping Tile or Wood Flooring

Porter Service
     • Booth Porter consist of periodic (every 2 hours) emptying of your waste baskets
     • Full time Porter can also be arranged

Exhibit Cleaning and Special Cleaning Requests
     • Wiping down tables
     • Glass encasements
     • Sink and kitchen areas
     • Equipment

Other services include removal of all trash, including large quantity of industrial items such as:
     • Glass
     • Tile
     • Sand
     • Food
     • Construction
     • Carpet
     • Oil
     • Chemical removal

Local Venues upon request inside and outside Areas
     • Arts and Craft
     • Flea Markets
     • Concerts
     • Sporting events